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Your Cat(s) Stay
All cats must be immunised against feline infectious enteritis and upper respiratory infection (cat flu). We are not able to accept any cats not up to date with their vaccinations, an up to date vaccination card must be available at booking in, along with your cat’s vet details. Please make sure that everything is in order as cats cannot be admitted if out of date for their vaccinations or forget the certificate.    
Your cat should be up to date with flea and worming treatment. If signs of these are found during your cat’s stay we reserve the right to treat adding the cost to your bill.   
If any cat shows signs of ill health on admission we do reserve the right to refuse admission, should your cat become ill during its stay with us, we will seek veterinary treatment from your named vet, charges being added to your bill or on account at your veterinary practice. Please note if there is a problem contacting your vet another vet will be used.  
Diet and Care
We stock a wide range of dry and wet foods and where possible will give your cat the same food they have at home. We cater for specialised feeding, if your cat is on a prescription diet  please let us know, you may need to bring this in for us.    
Medication can be administered ( at no extra charge).    
Their Stay
You may bring in bedding or toy to help your cat settle, but we do provide all that is needed for your cat to have a comfortable, enjoyable stay with us. 

Travelling baskets please make sure a suitable, secure basket is used when transporting your cat. No responsibility will be taken for pets arriving without a secure carrier until they are in their unit.  
Daily grooming – please bring in your cats own brush or comb.
Payment must be made on collection.  
Please give as much notice should you need to cancel a booking – 7 – 10 days notice if possible.            
If you collect your cat before the agreed collection date the full booking fee will be charged.   
Data Protection – personal data given to us on the registration forms is kept by Auldyn Cattery only for our records, no details are passed on to a third party.
Terms and Conditions of your cats stay
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