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About Us
Purpose built in 2011 by Nick and Wendy Barham. We have lived on the Island since 1988 having strong family connections here. We have always worked in the animal professions on and off the Island.  We ran a Riding school in the first years, then Nick moved on becoming a Registered Farrier, and Wendy has worked at a local Veterinary practice since 2002 involved in all aspects of the Veterinary work. We are long time cat (dogs, horses, chickens, etc) lovers  and owners and aim to give  your cat(s) their own holiday break in the country whilst you are away on yours. 
The Cattery
The cattery is designed and built to very high standards to make sure your cat has all that it requires. All the pens are large doubles so allows plenty of room and could take up to 3 cat(s). Each pen has sleeping quarters which are warm, clean and private. There is natural and artificial light for the different times of year. The building is thickly insulated therefore is warm all year (but cool in the warmer months), the addition of heaters in all the pens makes sure your cat is happy. A sleeping shelf allows the cat to be the most comfortable during its stay. As well as a viewing window into the sleeping quarters allows the cat to see out and provides visual stimulation, this also allows us to check on your cat(s) without disturbing them.
The exercise runs are spacious and well lit by the clear roof and fully accessible by the cat flap, these can be fixed open for cats which are not used to them. 
The purpose built sneeze gaps between every 4 pens provide extra protection against air-born disesases and provide a good air flow between pens.
The safety corridor with securable doors means all the pens are accessible and makes sure your cat(s) are in the safest place.
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